Individual Low Net by Flight

June 19, 2023

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Stan DorsettLate StartIn the Game
Larry MooreNo PreferenceIn the Game
Ron KaiserNo PreferenceIn the Game
Robert NemravaLate StartIn the Game
Larry ParsonsNo PreferenceIn the Game
Gilbert FickEarly StartIn the Game
Alan StarkoskiLate StartIn the Game
Peter TurgooseLate StartIn the Game
Craig WeddellLate StartIn the Game
Bruce MorrisNo PreferenceIn the Game
Doug GrayNo PreferenceIn the Game
Ross LyndNo PreferenceIn the Game
Robert FrassonEarly StartIn the Game
Bill HarveyEarly StartIn the Game
Bruce RauchEarly StartIn the Game
DAVID INGHAMNo PreferenceIn the Game
Patrick MetcalfeNo PreferenceNot In the Game
Garry GreeneLate StartIn the Game
Bruce AshtonNo PreferenceIn the Game
Mark McBrideNo PreferenceIn the Game
Rick WoodhouseLate StartIn the Game
Jim BaumgartnerEarly StartIn the Game
Don MarkEarly StartIn the Game
Jim DemchukNo PreferenceIn the Game
Alan RinehartLate StartIn the Game
Chris FibigerLate StartIn the Game
Joe CalistoLate StartIn the Game
Greg KorzanEarly StartIn the Game
Cam ColeNo PreferenceIn the Game
FREDERICK HEMINGWAYNo PreferenceNot In the Game
jim hutchinsonNo PreferenceIn the Game
Greg CowieNo PreferenceIn the Game
Herb PutzLate StartIn the Game
Terry JohnstonEarly StartIn the Game
Glenn BucholtzLate StartIn the Game
Steve AkazawaLate StartIn the Game
Al CueNo PreferenceIn the Game
Geoffrey PeckettLate StartIn the Game
Steve ScottNo PreferenceIn the Game
Bob TunsteadNo PreferenceIn the Game
Peter ScottLate StartNot In the Game
Frank KratzerNo PreferenceIn the Game
G. RentzLate StartIn the Game
Gerry bergenLate StartIn the Game
Jock HawkeyNo PreferenceIn the Game
Brian GilmerLate StartIn the Game
Rick BuchananNo PreferenceIn the Game

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At 7,109 yards, The Harvest is a championship-length layout designed by renowned Canadian golf course architect Graham Cooke. The name of our club is inspired by the many fruit trees that still dot the course and add to its splendor and a-peel - pun intended!

Enjoy a round of golf on our renowned course, practice your skill at the Okanagan’s largest and best practice facility, take part in our golf academy, receive lessons from our PGA pros or join of our many leagues to start playing!

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